Sullwold & Hughes

Small Law Firm Opening: Secrecy and Champagne

The Problem:

Sullwold and Hughes came to MPA with a challenge. These two corporate attorneys had decided to leave their national law firm and set up their own shingle in San Francisco.
  • Sullwold and Hughes required a legal IT environment that was more productive and less expensive than that of the national firm they were leaving.
  • The IT systems had to be working perfectly in new office space on the Friday night the attorneys planned to give notice.
  • Here's the kicker – the entire project had to be done in secret!

Solution and Benefits:

  • MPA Networks understood the need for secrecy.
  • Many MPA clients are small firms who have exited from larger organizations. Secrecy must be maintained until the moment the business is officially opened.
  • Generally, these firms require a perfectly operational environment on the day and hour that notice is given, so they can attract and retain as many of their former clients as possible.
  • A small firm can provide the same services as a large organization, as long as the IT environment supports this and does it from day one.
  • The network project was designed via secret meetings in the back rooms of restaurants. When it came time for opening day, the rollout of Sullwold & Hughes was successful. Champagne bottles were popped.