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Rusher Loscavio Fisher Executive Search with Expansion Pain

The Problem:

Combating Substantial Productivity Loss

This Executive Search firm had experienced substantial productivity loss including downtime, poor IT performance, and remote access issues. Stakeholders and staff were extremely frustrated.
  • Effective remote work was critically important to this firm and IT performance on the road was a sore point. Because remote access operated so poorly already, there was significant fear that increasing the number of firm offices would create a crisis.
  • Much of their IT budget had been spent on labor chasing numerous problems, which meant that important safeguards such as updating mission critical recruiting database software had fallen by the wayside.
  • The firm utilized two end-of-life file servers and did not have the budget to replace both of them.
  • The firm was not completely and adequately backing up their systems, creating a significant potential for a disaster. A better BDR solution was necessary.
  • The firm utilized a sole IT service practitioner, which was not working for them, especially when the service person was not available. Finally, this firm wanted to work with a service team who could communicate well with a non-technical, professional group of people.

Solution and Benefits:

  • The MPA Networks Managed Services team implemented a new, high performance server and consolidated the client's two servers into one, creating substantial savings for hardware, software, and on-going services. The savings in funds were applied to other areas which increased reliability and reduced current and ongoing problems.
  • MPA seamlessly knitted together the corporate and home offices so team members at all locations were able to work together to effectively share SQL resume databases, search databases, email, and documents.
  • IT Performance was substantially improved via implementation of best-practices approaches.
  • Software on workstations and laptops was simplified and standardized to minimize the number of variables, increasing reliability.
  • A SafetyNet backup and disaster recovery system was implemented, complete with a spare tire server and off-site Cloud hybrid backup.
  • As it made financial and operational sense for this client, MPA moved their server resources to the "Cloud."
  • MPA's round-the-clock IT monitoring combined with a team service approach meant the firm's needs were met when they wanted them to be.
MPA's Reliable Networks all-inclusive IT managed service program was cost effective compared with the firm's previous "bill by the hour" IT support approach, which had run up substantial bills troubleshooting symptoms rather than addressing foundational problems. When the firm moved server room and physical office locations, MPA's team performed the substantial amount of labor involved at no additional cost by utilizing the insurance component of Reliable Networks.

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