Menlo Advisors, LLC

Financial Advisory Firm with One Principal Needs Help!

The Problem:

Menlo Advisors is a small advisory practice located in downtown Menlo Park. The firm is composed of Kent Seymour, the principal, and one advisory support individual.
  • Kent was dissatisfied with the service and performance of his small computer network.
  • He was also concerned about backup and disaster recovery and felt he might be exposed.
  • Further, Kent wanted to maintain SEC compliance for his IT environment and needed his network service to be cost effective with no financial "surprises."

Solution and Benefits:

  • MPA Networks was engaged to upgrade Kent's network to acceptable performance levels while matching SEC requirements for backup, disaster recovery, and E-mail.
  • Performance and reliability improved.
  • Appropriate BDR systems were implemented.
  • A Reliable Networks service program was implemented in order to control costs and provide proactive, on-going service and network management – including all labor cost for implementations or new system rollouts.