Martin Thomas Wealth Management, LLC

Investment Advisory Expansion for CPA Firm

The Problem:

Martin Thomas Wealth Management opened its doors as a long time CPA firm with a newly created Investment Advisory practice. The firm needed to implement financial advisory SQL software systems to manage the Advisory division. The firm's sole practitioner IT service provider was unfamiliar with systems of this type.
  • As the firm was newly authorized by the SEC to perform financial advisory services, the Martin Thomas IT environment needed to be SEC compliant – and the firm was unsure how to make that happen.
  • The firm had experienced a number of frustrating downtime events. Downtime is extremely expensive for Martin Thomas, especially if it occurs during their high volume tax time. Yet recent events had demonstrated that the firm's backup system was somewhere between incomplete and non-existent.
  • Furthermore, as a small firm, IT cost control was extremely important.

Solution and Benefits:

  • MPA has knowledge and experience in the financial advisory sector, having worked with numerous advisory firms over three decades.
  • MPA Networks redesigned the Martin Thomas network to ensure the correct and high performance operation of their CPA and financial advisory software systems.
  • MPA improved reliability and performance of the firm's IT environment while implementing systems and procedures designed to support SEC compliance.
  • A SafetyNet backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system was implemented to provide for complete and reliable backup, SEC compliance, and to minimize any catastrophic disaster events – one of which, a set of server drive failures, occurred within the year!
  • Martin Thomas took advantage of MPA's Reliable Networks IT Managed Services program to keep their productivity up and their IT budget under control. Many proactive activities are performed on a continual basis to support maximum uptime while support engineers and managers are rapidly available when needed.