Reliable Networks

All-Inclusive Program = Peace of Mind

The Reliable Networks IT Managed Service Program is an all-inclusive, flat-fee, insurance-like service program that covers everything you would expect from a world-class Managed Services program. In fact, MPA Networks made history as the first IT Provider to offer such a program.

Why a Flat Fee, Subscription-based IT Management Program?

The answer is very simple: We believe the IT provider, who is entrusted with the care and functionality of the client's IT system, which is at the core of the business operations, should take 100% of the risk - not the client. We are your IT business partners, committed to your ongoing success, not the accumulation of time and materials hours. Our flat-fee approach includes all service and labor, even emergencies, so you need never worry about Bill-by-the-Hour costs. Live with greater Peace of Mind knowing your technology is proactively taken care of while you completely avoid service fee surprises.

  • With bill-by-the-hour computer service, where is a managed service provider's incentive to make your network trouble free? Where is the incentive for partnership?
  • High productivity and minimal downtime are two fundamental objectives inherent in MPA's unique IT services model. These are the keys to your organization's IT and business success. We would rather prevent problems from ever happening than spend time and money fixing them.
  • We approach our work as long-term, integral business partners who take a proactive, not simply reactive role in your business' success.
  • There is great value to the MPA Networks flat-fee managed services program. We will never charge for time and labor spent on unforeseen issues or large projects. With this arrangement we have a strong commitment to keep your IT systems running smoothly 24/7.

How about that for a fresh and novel approach?

Reliable Networks – What's Included?

Your Reliable Networks IT Managed Service program covers the typical things you would expect a good IT managed services program to provide such as consulting, productivity analysis, server management, outsourced CTO services, backup and disaster recovery, and cloud solutions.

But we go much further by covering labor fees for your biggest expenses of all: projects, rollouts, new technology implementations, new server installations, new software implementations, server rebuilds, new workstation setups for new employees, virus-attack cleanups, office moves, and more.

You want to add a new CRM system to better connect with your clients? You want a new backup system? You're moving and want to avoid a $10,000 service labor bill? "No problem, you're covered!"

Trouble Ticket and Project Management

The Reliable Networks Managed Service Program includes web-based trouble ticket and project management. What does this mean for you?

  • The knowledge that an issue won't fall between the cracks because a ticket is instantly opened for each of your service requests and for each problem identified by MPA's technicians or monitoring tools. The ticket won't be closed until we understand the problem is resolved. In many cases, especially for tickets generated by technicians and monitoring systems, we will fix the problem before you even know it existed.
  • We have the information to answer the $10,000 question, "How did we fix it last time?" Our technicians can search through past tickets. And you can search through your firm's past tickets.
  • Access to a Client Portal where you may submit service requests, track ticket progress, influence priority of scheduling, and give feedback to our technicians. Don't worry – you can still call us on the phone and submit a request – our friendly Triage Team is standing by in Belmont (sitting actually) to receive your calls and questions.

The Reliable Networks Managed Service Program comes with or without the SafetyNet Backup and Disaster Recovery System, depending on your needs and preferences.