Cloud Computing

Will my Business Benefit from Cloud Computing?

With all the buzz surrounding cloud computing, it's hard to separate the facts from the hype.

What exactly is cloud computing? What are the different cloud computing models and which might be appropriate for my business? What are the benefits? Is the cloud safe? What is the cost compared to my current technology systems?

Our expert IT Consultants will work with you to answer these questions and better determine if cloud computing is a good option for your business.

Safety First

We take security very seriously – and the cloud is no exception. The cloud poses greater security risks than traditional in-house IT, and therefore requires an extremely high level of data security. We don't believe in a "let's see what happens" attitude toward cloud security, and would never allow our clients to move to the cloud with sub-par security levels.

The Network SafetyNet Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Program may be utilized in cloud environments, ensuring data and applications are fully protected from tampering and loss. The Network SafetyNet is a necessity for our cloud-based clients and a true lifesaver in times of crisis.

Contact us today to learn more about the cloud and determine if a cloud solution may be right for you.