Backup & Disaster Recovery

What does downtime cost you?

Disaster – the word strikes fear in the heart of every business owner! As much as we would like to ignore and avoid the potential for disaster entirely, disasters can and do happen and should be well prepared for. Natural disasters, viruses, user error, hacking, equipment failure, internal fraud – all can cause irrevocable damage to business continuity and productivity. The most important question to ask is "how much does IT downtime cost you?"

MPA Networks has much needed BDR expertise after witnessing almost every kind of disaster imaginable in its 30+ years serving the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, and San Mateo County. We know the ins and outs of Backup and DR – what works, what doesn't, and how to tailor effective BDR solutions to nearly every kind of organization.

In fact, we once saved a client $100,000 in one day – all thanks to Backup and DR planning, active monitoring of their networks, and immediate threat response.

Network SafetyNet™ Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

The Network SafetyNet is a combined Backup and DR Solution that protects your network, data, users, and business. With Network SafetyNet superior data backup and recovery technology, turn what would normally be an emergency into a planned event.

No surprises = no big deal.

The SafetyNet server backup and recovery system minimizes downtime when you need your network and data available right away. Reliable Networks Managed Service Program may or may not include Network SafetyNet Backup and Disaster Recovery, depending on your preferences.

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery

The Network SafetyNet is offered as both a cloud and hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution, based upon your needs and preferences.

Disaster Recovery Virtualization

Make downtime a fear of the past!

The Network SafetyNet's hybrid cloud backup combined with virtualization and disaster recovery allows our clients to recover quickly and safely from disasters of all kinds. Should it ever be necessary, a virtualized, cloud-based server can replace a client's impaired server extremely quickly and run on a temporary basis for 30 days at no charge to the client. This virtualized server will be an exact clone of the client's functional office server, limiting downtime, hassle, and stress considerably.