Use IT Standardization to Enhance Workplace Productivity and Limit Downtime

February 22nd, 2014 by admin

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What is IT Standardization?

Standardization refers to the general uniformity of desktops and laptops across an entire business. Ideally, all workstations and laptops should be identical (or as identical as possible), including uniform software versions and configurations. This process of standardization leads to greater reliability and solid ROI.

How does Standardization affect Productivity and ROI?

Well, let’s say an employee’s workstation computer breaks or your business suddenly experiences a growth spurt. If there are identical spares available (which we recommend having on hand for these exact reasons), you can be up and running as productively as possible in no time. Individual desktop customizations typically translate to extended downtime.

Similarly, if a desktop glitches and you need to call the IT guy in to fix it, he should be able to diagnose and repair the issue much faster if there is uniformity with the other desktops he’s worked on previously (and which he most likely set-up for you in the first place).

Rapid Rollout and Roaming Profiles

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One of the most effective IT Productivity features we like to implement for our clients is some sort of rapid rollout technology. This method allows us to roll out a brand new workstation for a user in a matter of minutes instead of loading everything from scratch. Obviously, standardization is key here.

Another feature we commonly implement is roaming profile capability.  With roaming profiles, a particular user isn’t tied directly to a workstation, but can log in to any other workstation in the office and still do his or her work.  This is only possible if everyone has a “similar” workstation. In addition, we configure each user’s My Documents Folder to store their data on the server – that way, when they log out of a workstation, their data is backed up to the server.

Standardization is key to enhancing ongoing workplace productivity and limiting the potential for lengthy downtime.

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