To Cloud or Not to Cloud: a Heated IT Debate

March 18th, 2014 by admin

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With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, it may seem like any business that is NOT in the cloud is woefully behind the times.

As an IT Managed Services Provider, we hear the following questions from clients and prospective clients all the time:

"Should we move to the cloud?"

"The cloud is faster and cheaper. Why aren't we in the cloud?" 

"Everyone is moving to the cloud. When can we start?"

While we do provide cloud services where appropriate and believe it can be a great fit for certain organizations and use-cases, it's necessary to open a more thoughtful dialogue on cloud computing to determine if it really is a good fit for your organization.

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The cloud doesn't always live up to its marketing hype ("faster and cheaper," especially!) and SMBs that move to the cloud don't always reap all the amazing benefits they were sold on. We have seen this time and again.

While the cloud boasts many pros, it definitely has its share of important considerations that need to be

clearly understood before jumping in.

We recommend that every business owner or CIO who is considering cloud computing consult an experienced IT expert or IT team who understands the technology needs and considerations of businesses in their specific industry and has extensive experience with both in-house and cloud-based IT architectures.

The cloud may have the greatest marketing team ever built, but it's our job to move past the hype and deliver an unbiased response to the question of the hour: to cloud or not to cloud?

We will be covering this topic and more in our cloud blog series, which is aimed at promoting a better understanding of the cloud for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Please check back soon for "Three Great Misconceptions About Cloud Computing for SMBs"

If you find yourself asking any of the questions above and work in the San Francisco Bay Area or on the Peninsula, please get in touch with us today. Our Belmont, CA-based team can help you determine if cloud computing is a strategic fit for your business and future goals.

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