The Remarkable Truth about Information Technology and your ROI

January 24th, 2014 by admin

Blue tinted composite of a keyboard, a woman's eye, and a cd stack

If we asked you a very simple question — what is Information Technology? —  how would you respond?  What would come to mind?

We're guessing you would focus on computers, flashing lights, monitor screens, and server rooms, right?  Perhaps even throw in printers, phone systems, and mobile devices - really any apparatus that can be found in an office.

While these are all physical components of IT, they do not get at the real purpose behind Information Technology.  They do not answer the very simple question, just what is information technology?

Information Technology is a Tool

Blond boy at the beach digging with a yellow plastic shovel

Like this shovel, IT is a tool used to increase productivity.

At its core, Information Technology is a tool.   And not just any tool - IT is a powerful tool meant to increase business productivity, employee efficiency, and overall Return on Investment.

IT is a tool with which we are able to do our jobs better and perform at a higher level of productivity than would ever be possible without it.  Compared to the business processes of 100 years ago, current technology systems allow us to perform at unprecedented efficiency levels - to create more, sell more, grow larger and more profitable year after year.  Information Technology is not simply a static fixture of the modern-day office, but has a direct and profound influence on ROI.

The Truth about IT and Return on Investment

Ready for a radical notion??

The remarkable truth is that IT is really not about technology at all.  The bits and bytes of technology mean absolutely nothing if they can't influence a positive payback.

More than anything else, Information Technology is about Return on Investment!

As with any tool, there is a cost to purchase and manage IT, but these systems should contribute to a higher level of return than would be possible without them.  ROI should be the #1 concern when managing your business IT.

Why is this a Radical Notion?

Excited technician in a black shirt and glasses standing in front of a mess of cabling

This guy may be able to fix your computer when it crashes, but is he dedicated to increasing your overall ROI?

The ROI argument is such a radical notion because by and large, the people who work in the computer service profession have a technical focus - not a business focus. Most computer service professionals only understand the bits and bytes of technology - not how to use them for greater business efficiency and increased ROI.

Most IT service is merely reactive (a technician is called when something breaks, for example) and focused entirely on physical technology service. We believe IT service should be proactive and focused more on business than anything else. Your IT Service Team should be trusted business advisors, dedicated to improving your business' productivity and overall Return on Investment.

We urge you to challenge any preconceived notions you have about IT and focus your technology thinking and decision making entirely on ROI. If you need a specialized IT Advisor to help guide you and are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, or on the SF Peninsula, please get in touch with us today.

Stay tuned for our next article covering the critical first step in achieving high ROI from your Information Technology.

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