Stay Productive with IT Managed Services

January 14th, 2015 by admin

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It doesn’t take a psychic to know that one of your business goals is improving efficiency and productivity. You can do both with an IT managed service provider. MSPs specialize in finding technical solutions to streamline your work environment and preemptively stop work interruptions. The end goal of IT consulting is to help your business maximize employee time usage and productivity so you never have to stop driving toward your bottom line.

Work Smarter

Whether your company is a law firm, an investment advisory service, or another professional business, Cloud services are one option to consider if you want to improve efficiency. Cloud services can make your business more agile, reduce dependency on in-office hardware and mess, and improve business continuity by allowing for telecommuting and using your systems from anywhere. Your staff won’t need to spend as much time waiting for the computer to finish loading, or be at any specific machine to work. Cloud services can even help with email continuity by pushing messages to multiple devices, and keeping an off-site backup and archives for compliance or other purposes. Your users can even run PC applications in the Cloud and use a Mac or tablet to run them from your office!

The Cloud is not right for everyone, but an MSP will help determine whether Cloud services make sense for your business.

Cut Down Time

If your employees are spending less time managing and dealing with computer and network problems, they can devote more time to things that matter. Any sort of IT disruptive event that hinders productivity leads to a double dose of lost work time and costly maintenance. According to a CA Technologies study, IT outages cost North American and European businesses upwards of $26 billion in revenue.

Small companies lose around $55,000 on average from just 14 hours of downtime.

Outsourcing your IT services to an MSP can free up payroll expenses to hire workers for other important jobs. The MSP help desk is ready to quickly resolve technical problems that come up, as well as answer any questions you have. The IT managed services staff are specialists in the field, and they’ve already invested time to learn the ins-and-outs of repairing even the most severe problems.

Put Out Fires Before They Start

The best kind of problem is the one that doesn’t happen. IT consulting services guide you through proactive changes to prevent future problems, such as the selection and implementation of IT security software and other technology or practices that make sense for your workplace. If your network can’t handle the stress of the work day, you could be looking at outages and unexpectedly expensive upgrades. Being prepared and protected now is much less time consuming than waiting for something to fail and then having to fix it. Managed services will make sure your network infrastructure can sufficiently handle your growing data needs.

MSPs can help your business get back up from catastrophic IT failures quickly while losing as little data as possible. According to InformationWeek, 56 percent of North American businesses don’t have an adequate disaster recovery plan. An example of a good emergency plan includes installation of backup(s), along with a disaster recovery system that can restore your IT situation like nothing ever happened even after a massive outage — and can do so quickly, in your office or in the Cloud. Avoiding the necessity to redo hundreds or even thousands of hours of work is one way to think of being more efficient.

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