Resolve to Maximize IT Productivity in 2014!

January 16th, 2014 by admin

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The new year's festivities have come and gone, and for better or worse, it's time to get back in the saddle. This first month back at work is the perfect time to consider business goals for the coming year and determine how to make your business more productive, profitable, and enjoyable for you and your employees. 

One excellent way to get started with these important resolutions is to consider your organization's IT Productivity and how it is impacting business efficiency, profitability, and office culture. IT Productivity is an often overlooked, yet crucial element to your business' continued growth and success.

What is IT Productivity?

IT Productivity is the relationship between an organization's IT systems and their effect on overall business productivity and ROI. The purpose of our information technology is to help us perform our jobs better and more efficiently than we could without it. If our IT is not contributing to greater efficiencies and ease of work, it is time to consider why and what can be done to influence a positive change.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your organization's IT hinder or help your overall business processes? Are your employees able to perform their work efficiently and reliably with these systems?
  • Does your IT help contribute to greater organizational ROI, or are these systems hindering profits? In other words, is the cost of purchasing and mainting these IT systems mitigated by a positive return on their investment, or are they eating up money without helping you turn a profit, grow your business, keep your business running smoothly, etc?
  • Is your IT reliable and a joy to use, or do your employees constantly complain about its inability to keep up with their needs?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when considering overall IT Productivity.

IT Does Matter!

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It is not wise to underestimate the impact information technology can have on business efficiency and your bottom line.  Unreliable and faulty IT systems make it difficult for people to do their jobs efficiently and will eventually lose you money.  Conversely, fancy IT systems which dazzle your users but never influence a solid return on their investment may also lose you money, and may be unwise additions to your organization. These are personal and strategic decisions each business owner must consider for his or her own unique situation.

We recommend taking a few minutes this year to review your IT systems and consider the above questions. If you're not sure about how your IT is impacting your overall business productivity or what can be improved upon, get in touch with an IT Productivity Consultant who can point you in the right direction. Here at MPA Networks, we're always happy to help!

Here's to a wonderful (and productive!) 2014!

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