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January 29th, 2019 by admin


Your business needs a dependable and robust cybersecurity solution, plain and simple. As technology continues to advance and new threats are coming to the forefront, it is essential to have the proper security and management behind you to ensure that your operations, data, and networks do not fall victim to cyber crimes. MPA Networks has developed a true method of keeping your business safe. A tailor-made system based on your needs, with CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service) with Network Edge Management.

Introducing MPA Networks' Cyber Essentials Suite. In addition to the all the guarded features you get with no locked-in contract, you get additional protection through our cybersecurity management and monitoring solution. MPA safeguards your systems by utilizing an enterprise-level network security firewall, advanced replacement of hardware of any failure points, live and continuous security software updates at no additional cost to you and much more. But this solution also takes the proactive approach to not only guard but secure your business with:

  • Fully customizable and dynamic cybersecurity management coupled with real-time alerts and on-demand reporting.
  • Active dark web monitoring for your entire domain. With on-going search, control, and reporting on any sensitive breached data.
  • Intrusion detection and threat monitoring provided by the Security Operations Center (SOC). Providing proactive remediation and a $1M ransomware guarantee.
  • Full encryption of all data with remote enforcement of security policies
  • DNS Protection
  • And much more.

What you get is a complete, fully featured answer to your security needs that will stay with your business for as long as your company continues to operate. There is no need to have several contracts and different providers when you can have just one solution that has it all, leaving you with peace of mind and a solution that is always working for you.

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