MPA Networks, Inc. Educates Customers on Ransomware

August 5th, 2019 by admin

Close Up of Red Information Security Button on Computer Keyboard with Blue Keys Cyber Security Concept

SAN MATEO, CA – MPA Networks, Inc., a leading managed technology services provider, announced today that they have launched a ransomware awareness campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to quickly educate business owners in understanding one of the latest threats now facing small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Ransomware is a specific variation of malware, that is growing in popularity amongst hackers and MPA Networks, Inc. is doing its best to alert business owners of this new tactic. MPA Networks, Inc.’s existing customers are very well protected against this type of threat but many business owners may be unaware of the potential destruction this has on an organization.

While business owners have always understood the need to protect their businesses from malware, short for “malicious software”, ransomware is a new tactic that hackers are using to attack businesses in an especially wicked way.

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