It's Nice to Be Important, But It's More Important to Be Nice

June 4th, 2015 by admin

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Let's face it—the humor on Saturday Night Live is pretty much hit-or-miss these days. But one classic SNL sketch from the late '90s remains our favorite: Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy.

Why are Nick's condescending remarks toward his fellow employees so darned funny? Because so many of us can relate. Think back to the day you started your first office job. You settled into a vacant cubicle but couldn't really do anything until your computer was fully installed. You were granted access to the company network. Your email account was established. But did your company's IT rep patiently guide you through the entire setup process, or were you stuck with a Nick Burns, who—if they weren't too busy to help you right away—gave you just a little too much "attitude"?

This isn't to say there aren't plenty of excellent IT professionals out there—but they're definitely getting harder to find. If your business is expanding, how experienced is your HR recruiter at screening and selecting IT people? Do they know the right questions to ask in an interview? How many job candidates exaggerate on their resume, or remain on "best behavior" until after they're hired? Correcting what HR departments commonly refer to as a "bad hiring decision" is never pleasant—or cheap.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Servers, networks, and desktop workstations, whether in a Cloud datacenter or in your office, are at the core of any successful modern business. But it still comes down to human know-how to make everything work smoothly. A top-notch in-house IT specialist may be worth their proverbial weight in gold, but with the Bay Area economy on the rebound—and housing prices soaring—who's to say when they'll suddenly give their two weeks' notice, leaving you back at square one?

An IT managed service partner eliminates the frequent guesswork and disappointment of your internal hiring processes. With an iron-clad Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, you know your entire IT system will function 24/7, staffed by knowledgeable, reliable professionals.

Top Service Requires Top People

Our 30-year reputation was built largely around our ability to choose and keep great employees.

That means more than just evaluating past experience or industry certifications—it means seeking people skills. Those include endless patience (well, mostly...), the ability to explain technology in plain English, actually enjoying training others, and never forgetting that your success reflects upon our success. Just look at our lengthy list of client testimonials.

We’re willing to share a trade secret with you, as long as you don’t tell anyone else. It’s the major reason we are the oldest IT service firm in the Bay Area and have outlasted thousands of competitors. What is it? Drumroll please…

We hire friendly, competent professionals.

As Nick Burns would probably say, "Uh… YOU'RE WELCOME!" Just kidding.

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