How You Can Answer Office Calls From Home With a VoIP Solution

April 30th, 2020 by admin

A man working from home on his laptop while sitting on a sofa with a headset on

Businesses everywhere are making the switch to working remotely, as COVID-19 causes people to be quarantined to their homes and offices to keep their doors shut. This has left certain businesses is a precarious state, as many of them relied heavily on calls being made to the office phones. Many of them unsure how they can transfer the process of making and answering calls and transferring it over to a remote setting. Fortunately, there is an easy way to take office calls at home. As a VoIP solution can keep your business's phones ringing even with a remote workforce.

A VoIP phone system from MPA Networks allows you to have one completely interconnected telephone system, that is spread out to your employees. Since all that is needed is an internet connection, any home users can easily connect to your system. This enables them to perform things like answer calls to the main office lines, transfer calls between one another and access voicemails all from home.

With our VoIP solution, your business can keep answering office calls with a remote workforce. Enabling your business to not only keep making calls as usual but allows you to stay in touch with your client base in a more personal way through these troubling times.

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