Surprising New Study: Email an Essential Cross-Generational Business Asset

February 12th, 2015 by admin

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What was cutting-edge in the 1990s is still relevant today — at least, when it comes to Email technology. According to a new PewResearch report, 61 percent of office workers say Email is “very important” to their work productivity. That same study placed the Internet and landline phones at 54 and 35 percent, respectively. Gadget enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that only 24 percent of office workers consider cellular and smart phones very important, making mobile devices even less important than landlines. And just four percent of workers view social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as essential.

If there’s one indispensable takeaway from this study, it’s that you need to establish and maintain an adequate and reliable Email system if you want to keep your business operating efficiently.

Email continuity equals business continuity, especially when dealing with customers and clients.

Invest in Your Email Service (or Wish You Had)

Despite being contingent on the second most popular office tool (the Internet), Email is a single web service you can spotlight within your IT strategy. Consult with your Managed Services Provider (MSP) to identify the best possible setup to meet your business needs and keep your Email running at top speed. Since your Email service is essential to your operation, it’s crucial to employ a quality, business grade Email service on a reliable server. After all, you’re likely to spend more money on lost payroll from a slow or out-of-service Email system than you would on simply upgrading it.

Whether you’re a law firm, an investment advisor, or a logistics company, your employees require swift communication channels to reach your clients.

Email Continuity

Consider using an Email continuity system to keep things running if you lose power, drop Internet connectivity, experience a server crash, or encounter an Email service disruption. There are now excellent Email continuity systems available that kick in instantly when your Email system or your Email provider goes down or breaks — so you won’t miss a beat. These systems work with workstations, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Ask your MSP for more information.

Multiple Internet Connections

You can work around Internet outages by using multiple Internet connections at your office. For example, a dual-Internet system setup with two service providers can bail your office out of trouble when your main service provider experiences a local outage. Since ISP availability varies between areas, and since all of the tech you rely on is unlikely to break at the same time, you could use (for example) a Comcast Business cable connection as your main provider, and an XO copper over Ethernet as your backup connection. These are two distinct and independent technologies with different supply routes under the streets to your office.

Your Managed Services Provider (MSP) can even configure a Firewall so that both Internet connections can be used simultaneously and balance each other. When one breaks, the other one keeps working. This is the new way to reliably handle Internet access when “it can’t be down.”

Accessing Email via mobile Internet is a good continuity fallback plan. Just make sure in advance that your Email system is configured on the mobile devices. Also, this does not work if the Email service goes down — only if your office’s Internet access goes down. For true Email continuity with mobile devices, you should investigate Email continuity systems instead (see above).

Build Your Email System Up — and Then Out

The technical aspect is just part of a successful Email business strategy. Training your employees on proper Email procedures and practices is important for establishing a professional and efficient operation.

Implement a standardized Email signature block across your entire firm — including both your company name and logo — to help set a consistent, unified brand tone in the eyes of your customers and clients.

And don’t overlook the importance of keeping your contact databases organized — it’s easy to find yourself wasting time digging up a client’s Email address if your “books” or CRM databases aren’t regularly tidied.

For more information on building a reliable Email system, click here.

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