Quiz - Can you Find the Malicious Email?

December 12th, 2013 by admin

Can you Spot the Malicious Emails/s?!

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After reading through our Cryptolocker and Ransomware blog series and learning how to identify a malicious email, it's time to put your new virus sleuthing skills to the test.

Read through the list of email subject lines and from names below.  Which email/s  are scams, and which are safe? Please feel free to comment below. We will post the answers in our next blog post.

Note: These are all real emails we have either seen, received, or that have gotten stuck in our firewall - we did not make them up.

Warning: This is more difficult than you think!

The Quiz

  • "How are things?" -   from Barrey jewall
  • "OUR REF: FGN/SNT/ST011/013"  -  from IN CANADA
  • "UPS parcel notification"  -  from UPS Inc.
  • "Merchant Statement"  -  Citibank
  • "You've Been Selected! Mystery Shopper Job Offer !"  -  from CNOOC e-Recruit
  • "Your order #NR4471 has been completed"  -  from American Airlines
  • "Important Alert"  -  from ACH Payment
  • "Notification From the Desk of Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Chambers" -  from Zaid Ibrahim
  • "Transfer Report"  -  from NACHA
  • "Track your parcel"  -  from FedEx Information
  • "USPS Shipment Status NO#3355"  -  from FedEx Information
  • "Your friend Masama"  -  from Barrey jewall
  • "USPS Invoice copy NO#34253538"  -  USA Postal Service
  • "eFax message from "4082459385". 1 page(s). Caller-ID: 408-245-9385"  -  eFax
  • "Courier Postal Service returned the parcel to the office"  - Postal Service
  • "United Parcel Service notification"  -  United Parcel Service
  • "Post Express Office. Error in delivery address. NR22185"  -  from "Post Express Notification"

Answers will be posted in our next blog post! Subscribe at right to get these posts delivered right to your email (and we promise NEVER to send you ransomware)! :-)


Don't be a victim!

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