Client Testimonials

"I wanted to say that the experience with MPA Networks, has been really excellent. Our Internet has been stable, with no complaints about WiFi for several weeks now (yippee!)."

Jess Hazlett, General Operations Manager
San Francisco, CA

"MPA crafted an effective Cloud hosting environment for our flagship software application, Financial Navigator.

They listened to us and understood our needs. They recommended an appropriate data center system to keep us from making a costly mistake. They took care of security, backup, monitoring, printing, and performance – the types of things our software developers don't do every day.

MPA worked with our customers to make sure we all got it right.

The result: a turn-key solution for us. We loved it."

Edward Van Deman, Founder
Financial Navigator, Inc.
Mountain View, CA

"Feedback? Well, let me check my superlatives dictionary…

When an issue is identified, resolution scheduled and then performed all without interruption within the hour – well, it's almost as if there were no issue at all. Your team is magic. I don't know how they do it, I don't know how the sun shines either. I just know that when they focus attention on any of my tech issues, they dissolve like a fog before the morning sun and as a result my day proceeds happy and carefree.

Glad to know you are like a cup of Earl Grey Tea – just make the fog disappear!"

Roth Hensley, Accountant and IT Manager
Tiret & Company, CPAs
Daly City, CA

"I hate to sound cliché but you might be victim of your own success… The rave reviews from our clients keep rolling in day after day. I can say that your presentation has prompted our clients to take cybersecurity action which is wonderful, and just the impact that we hoped it would have."

Eric Jungling, CFP, Financial Advisor
The Golub Group
San Mateo, CA

MPA took our fast growing company and professionalized our whole approach to IT - not just "desktop repairmen" - but also our CTO in strategy from hardware choice to DR planning. They are a rare combination of both advanced network monitoring best practices and on-site responsiveness to desktop issues. And the best thing - we really enjoy working with their people - engineers and senior management alike.

Keith McWilliams, Former CEO
Mt. Eden Investment Advisors
San Francisco, CA

"MPA Networks elevated our independent firm to institutional-class IT infrastructure while maintaining a bespoke feel. Their team provided exceptional desktop support, resolution-tracking, long-range planning and DR solutions…all of which made for a great "outsourced CTO" experience."

Mike Duker, Portfolio Manager, Senior Associate & Head of Manager Research
Mt. Eden Investment Advisors
San Francisco, CA

"We have been blessed to work with MPA Networks all these years. We depend on our IT system; our business cannot function without rapid, dependable, expert service - remotely or on-site; MPA has met our each and every need, quickly and completely. We can recommend these wonderful folks enthusiastically and absolutely without reservation."

Robert M. Fisher, Ph.D., J.D, President, Nonprofit Leadership, Education and Foundations
Rusher Loscavio, Executive Search President Emeritus,
John F. Kennedy University; Director (ret'd), The San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco, CA

"Michael Price and MPA have been Carr McClellan's outside IT consultants for several years, and we cannot recommend Michael and MPA highly enough. Their expertise, responsiveness, and integrity are unmatched. Having worked with other outside IT vendors, it is clear that MPA is head and shoulders above the competition. Not only are MPA's technicians extremely knowledgeable, specifically with respect to legal technology in a law firm environment, but they are personable and able to communicate and relay complex technical information in terms non-IT personnel can clearly understand. Further, with Michael Price at the helm, every project, software upgrade, or endeavor requiring real consultation and complex consideration has been thoughtfully planned out and competently executed by MPA. We highly recommend Michael Price and MPA."

Year first hired: 1994 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Kellie Narayan, Human Resource Manager
Carr, McClellan, Ingersoll, Thompson & Horn
Burlingame, CA

"I wanted to reach out and give some feedback. The best word to sum up your team is AWESOME! Thanks for everything."

Tom McGuirk, CFP
Martin Thomas Wealth Management, LLC.
Palo Alto, CA

"There are few integrators anywhere in the world providing this level of service to their customers. This linkage bespeaks a company that makes long term relationships with its clients, and which takes an almost paternal role in this relationship by monitoring a firm's critical systems on a regular basis."

John Meyer, Owner
Required Technologies

"How a business treats its small customers is often a better measure of its service than how it treats its big customers. I'm sure that Sullwold & Hughes is one of MPA's smallest customers, but we have been treated as if we were one of its most valued. MPA has always responded to our needs promptly and in a cost-efficient manner. And although we probably ask more questions per capita than other clients, MPA has cheerfully answered them all. Of course, MPA's work has been top-notch technically as well. They have not insisted on providing a "cookie-cutter" solution based on what has worked with their other clients. Rather, they have candidly discussed potential alternatives, based on our circumstances and technology budget. We have relied on their hardware and software recommendations, and we haven't been disappointed yet."

Jim Hughes, esq.
Sullwold & Hughes
San Francisco, CA

"We are deeply grateful for your expert management of our computer network over the past six years."

Vera Bennett, Senior Vice President and CFO
The Peninsula Community Foundation
San Mateo, CA

"Most importantly, everything continues to go well, and I remain very pleased with my decision to work with your firm!"

Kent R. Seymour, CFA, President
Menlo Advisors LLC
Menlo Park, CA

"All your people are nice, helpful, and prompt. MPA is great to work with -- really, you rock!"

Elana Lieberman, Principal
Elm Advisors, LLC
Burlingame, CA

"Amazing things go on in the IT world—deliveries of parts during the wee hours of the night, MPA people here 24 hours—to try and keep our biz up and running. And know this, you and your team are confirming our decision to contract and team with MPA—expertise, quality and dedication of team members, and leadership. You are a good partner."

Rick Giorgetti, President and CEO
Montgomery Professional Services Corporation
San Jose, CA

"We are very satisfied with all MPA's services! All of you guys are doing a great job! In case your company needs references- you can use us :)"

Natalia Pohilko, Executive Office Manager
First Climate
San Francisco

"Already we feel like we are in good hands with you and your group, and will actually have a computer system that works efficiently in the near future. In the meantime, I appreciate your team keeping us patched together, the pleasant and 'can do' attitudes and the efficiency throughout. Thank you!"

Jackie Rusher, Co-Owner
Rusher Loscavio
San Francisco, CA

"I can't imagine a better relationship than what the firm has had with MPA. I always feel so good to recommend you to people. There is no reason for us to ever switch network service companies. I especially love the discounted flat fee service program. It saves me a lot of time I used to spend trying to figure out what is maintenance, what is an update, what is a capital expenditure, and so on."

Jan Mendez, Executive Director
Carr, McClellan, Ingersoll, Thompson & Horn (MPA client since 1994)
Burlingame, CA

"We turned to Michael Price to help us with our growing pains."

Rob Schwei. Controller
McAfee Associates
San Jose, CA

"Our current product, which has just been released, is a revolutionary new palmtop computer called 'Pilot'... It is no small task to provide a network that can support SUN workstations, MACs and IBM compatible PCs running Microsoft Windows, DOS, Windows 95 and Windows NT... The original installation of the network was well planned and very smooth and not like the negative network experiences all of us had seen at other companies in the Valley. The network has been working fine for the last three years."

Greg Kucala, Project Lead
Palm Computing
Sunnyvale, CA

"Your whole team has been great! If there is ever any way I can send you business, you can be sure I will!"

Jan Shoemaker, Controller
Peninsula Law Firm with 50 employees

"You guys all did a great job and, on behalf of the firm, I send our sincere thanks."

Michael Bradley, Managing Partner
Murphy, Pearson, Bradley and Feeney
San Francisco, CA

"Greg just left here. He diagnosed a SBC problem for us because our Internet is down. Greg took the time to explain to me, in layman's terms, how to check the router myself. So in the future I can see if the problem is internal or external, which will be of a cost savings benefit to us and help your staff save some time on the basic diagnosis. I don't know what kind of screening process you do for your employees, but it must be extensive. Everyone that has come out here from your company is polite, courteous, and efficient at what they do. You just have awesome employees. I hope you appreciate all of them!! Everyone I've met so far as been…just wonderful."

Caryn Linn, Operations Manager and Systems Administrator
Tri-County Apartment Association
San Jose, CA

"I have been very impressed with the professionalism and detailed planning that MPA puts into their work. I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone seeking to implement a large database conversion."

Kathy Thibodeaux, Chief Executive Officer
Tri-County Apartment Association
San Jose, CA

"I had been considering networking our facility for more than three years and had met with three or four other firms during the course of that time. Am I glad we waited!! I had heard the numerous horror stories regarding network installations and the added problems it created for the network 'supervisor' and I am happy to report that I am still as sane as the day we started."

Rose Ford
Jerome E. Robertson & Associates
Los Altos, CA

"In desperation we called MPA in. You discovered the backup system the [ex] network service company installed had never worked. The hard drives were not been setup correctly, you could not get data off them, and it looked for a time like the situation was desperate. We almost lost ALL our documents, databases, and accounting data! That would have been a disaster. Your people worked around the clock for days and got us back up. You pieced together most of our data. You rebuilt the server from scratch. You set it up perfectly so I could take care of it. You hung in there to work out the bugs. You pointed out that we needed a second server to balance the load. And you were right -- we have had very little downtime since then."

Debbi Harman, Office Manager
Boston Scientific Quanam
San Jose, CA

"The installation of our network was the smoothest thing I've ever seen. MPA really does take responsibility for everything."

Scott Brunello, Controller
Le Boulanger
Sunnyvale, CA

"I just wanted to tell you that the guy you had in this morning to work on our computers really impressed me. It took him less than five minutes to fix my printing and network problem, Naomi's network problem, and Jim's problem. He was very efficient and knowledgeable. Out of the all the [network support companies] we have had, I think this one is a "keeper."

Glynis Krom (email from a staff member to her CEO)
Redwood City, CA

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say what nice people you have working for you. […].you're a lucky man to have such good people on your staff."

Leilane, Office Manager
Sullwold & Hughes
San Francisco, CA

"[MPA] has been so helpful and reassuring in taking us into the world of networking computers. There didn't seem to be any combination of things we wanted that you couldn't figure a way to make it work."

Lola M. Fullerton, CFO
San Miguel U.S.A., Inc.

"On behalf of the Lillehammer Police Department, I would like to thank you for your professional assistance during the 1994 Olympic Winter Games. Computers are vital to our effort. Your installation and consulting assistance has been appreciated."

Jostein Gravdal, Sargent,
Gudbrandsdal Police Department
Lillehammer, Norway

"MPA had some large shoes to fill to take the place of with us in the administration and consulting of our LAN and have done so rather convincingly." Daniel Kervick, VP/General Manager Reconditioned Office Systems, Inc. "It was essential to us that there be no interference with our management of the $1 billion Vanguard Equity Income Fund during the installation of our network. Although we looked at 10 other vendors, none of them gave us this level of comfort."

Roger D. Newell, Chairman
Newell Associates
Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you for your [19] years of being there when I needed your insight, expertise and friendship."

David L. Ach, Attorney at
Law Offices of David Ach
Menlo Park, CA

"Your team has done a great job so far integrating our new infrastructure. Not only are they sharp, they are likable and friendly."

Colin M. Higgins, President
Golub Group (investment management)
San Mateo, CA

"We have been using MPA for about three years and I highly recommend them. The nature of their service is proactive in that they conduct regular maintenance and upgrades to the systems which prevents breakdowns. In the rare instance that there is a breakdown they are very responsive and can often "fix" the problem remotely. A key benefit for us is the pricing structure, which gives us a lot more visibility for our budgeting. We found hourly rates were very difficult to plan for and often were "surprised" by the expenses. Lastly, I feel that MPA is a true partner in trying to help us plan for our future growth with the best IT infrastructure.

Colin M. Higgins, President
Golub Group (investment management)
San Mateo, CA

"I know we love working with you guys. Anytime one of your guys come in, they are so helpful and personable. Tess is also one of the more responsive people we work with. Please let Mike know – and pass on our thanks to the team."

Joe Martin, Director of Client Services
Golub Group (investment management)
San Mateo, CA

"You've been such a good fit, and all of the people in your organization have been extremely helpful and effective. It's natural we think of you when we hear of other businesses who struggle with the same issues we once had. …it just make us realize how wonderful the service we receive from MPA is. You've always been prompt and gotten the job done, whatever that request may be. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Claire Silverman, Relationship Manager
Golub Group (investment management)
San Mateo, CA

"The first problem you tackled was a problem that our in-house people and the vendor (IBM) were not able to resolve during weeks of theories and finger pointing. We were pleasantly surprised when your organization solved this problem in about an hour."

Robert Gordon
ARCO Products Company
La Palma, CA

"I am very appreciative of your team's efforts and we have been very pleased with your service and follow through."

Lois Cole,CFP, President, COO
Wealth Architects
Mountain View, CA

"I couldn't have made it without you!"

Clay Ranck, Director Client Services and Technology
Wealth Architects
Mountain View, CA

"The MPA team is comprised of skilled professionals who are responsive and a pleasure to work with."

Richard L Intrater, President
Long-Term Solutions, LLC
Mill Valley CA

"Your team has continued to respond quickly whenever we call. The network has been live for 6 months with no downtime. My client is extremely pleased with the network and I believe they have received excellent value for their investment."

Donna Bohling
Business and Information Systems Consulting

"Michael Price has always been available and prompt whenever we experienced systems problems or requested software modifications. He has always delivered what he said he would deliver."

Lourdes G. Lew, Vice President
Security Pacific Merchant Bank
Los Angeles, CA

"I know it took a whole lot of hard work and planning to get such a smooth installation down. [Thanks..] for the great work done so far."

Roberto Irribarren, Co-founder
Redwood City, CA

"We have repeatedly relied on you for high levels of performance with unreasonable time frames and you have never let us down. We know we can always depend on your group."

Paul H. Hyde
Computervision Services (formally Prime Computer)
Boston, MA

"You will laugh but your response time is faster than our own internal group's. We really appreciated it when MPA advised and acted on the Nimda virus attack in September before our own IT group even reported it."

Debbi Harman, Office Manager
Boston Scientific Quanam
San Jose, CA

"I worked on a project last month with [one of your engineers] at Owen Wickersham and I just wanted to tell what a pleasure it was to work with someone so professional and on top of things. After ten years of training in law firms I have to say he is one of the best outside consultants I've worked with."

Ray Morgovan, Principal
Like a Lawyer
Sausalito, CA

"CONGRATULATIONS on the 25th anniversary of MPA. That's quite an accomplishment for here in Silicon Valley … where companies come and go!"

Bobbi Dolan, Executive Assistant to
B. J. Cassin
San Francisco, CA