Meet the Team

Unparalleled Experience

Experience. The dirty little secret of computer service is that experienced people are more proactive and solve problems in less time, often substantially less time. People with years of experience across hundreds of client environments keep things from breaking and, when things do break, fix them faster.

Translated: Experience gives you more value for each IT dollar you spend.

MPA Networks is the oldest network service firm for small business in the Bay Area, and one of the oldest in America. There is no local IT network service team in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo County, and along the Peninsula with more experience.

Here's who we are and what we do in our local community when we're not at work:

One team member has two kids and is the Scoutmaster of his son's Boy Scout Troop.

Two coach soccer and basketball at their kids' schools (each have two kids).

One runs Marathons and has competed twice in the famous Boston marathon.

One climbs mountains; notably in 2008 he ascended the 3000 foot prow of El Capitian in Yosemite, a greater than vertical rock face, by himself (!)

One volunteers countless hours at her church and in the community, and makes killer boysenberry jam.

Two served us all proudly in the US military.

Two (three if you count Canada ) were born abroad and have run the gauntlet of obstacles to find a better future here.

One has two kids and ran the charity auction computer network for his kid's school district 12 years running.

One has two kids, was on Novell's global troubleshooting swat team in the 90's, and is a rabid Sharks fan (that is, when the Giants are losing).

Three do yoga.

One makes wine, which is given away to charity and friends and clients who ask…

Two regularly give blood.

One has a spouse who works at the Disney Museum (how cool is that!)

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