Michael Price – CEO and Founder

Michael Price, CEO and Founder of MPA Networks

MPA's team is led by CEO and founder Michael Price.

Michael founded MPA Networks in 1983 in California to sell the original model of the then revolutionary IBM PC into legal, finance, and health care markets. Over the years, MPA Networks has thrived under Michael's leadership and is now the oldest computer network Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Silicon Valley and Northern California.

Michael and the MPA team have been trusted Information Technology advisors for hundreds of organizations large and small throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, and San Mateo County.

Michael is an inventor whose recent innovations include Technology Care Insurance and NBrella®. Technology Care Insurance is a revolutionary system which applies the principals of health care insurance to technology care. NBrella® is a transformational Cloud-based audit platform. Patents pending.

Michael attended Lakeside School in Seattle where he learned computer programming and Monty Python skit memorization in a small circle of students which included the founders of Microsoft. He graduated from Amherst College with a double major in Economics and English, and subsequently studied accounting at UCLA.

When he's not working, Michael's hobbies include winemaking, photography, Mayan archaeology, salmon fishing, and watching San Francisco Giants games.