Who We Are

MPA Networks is the most reliable provider of computer and network managed services for organizations of all kinds.

We Care About You, And We Can Prove It

Every hour of every day, our people ask what's in your best interest. This is our culture – the proof is our unmatched client retention statistics and testimonials.

Most experienced in the Bay Area

MPA Networks is in its 35th year of business, longer than any provider of IT managed services in Northern California. We have the experience to handle your situation – believe me, we've seen everything! We are here today when you need us and will be here tomorrow.

Take a look at some key milestones within the IT industry over the last 30 years and MPA's involvement, on our 30 Year Anniversary Timeline.

MPA serves the San Francisco Bay Area, San Mateo County, and down to San Jose.

Highest Client Retention

MPA Networks has perhaps the highest client retention of any network managed services firm in the world. Some clients have been with us over 25 years. You won't have to switch network firms or hire and manage internal IT people ever again.

High Quality, Experienced, Computer Service Professionals

MPA hires only senior network engineers with multiple certifications and years of experience. You won't find more qualified engineers, period.

"Why do we do this when most outsourced computer service work in the nation is performed by trainees, even though their employers say they're not trainees?"
  • Because the dirty little secret of the computer service profession is that experienced people are more proactive and solve problems in less time, often substantially less time. Since most network service is provided on an hourly fee basis, the service provider is incented to maximize his profit, and your cost, by using inexperienced people to maximize time spent or fill up scheduled service visit time blocks.
  • It's not uncommon for a service technician with a couple of years experience to take 3 hours to solve a problem that a service person with manufacturer certification credentials and 15 years of experience could solve in 5 minutes, or even avoid completely with a proactive approach. This results in less expensive network service overall than alternatives. As a substantial added bonus, our proactive approach to IT service effectively levers your investment. Expensive downtime is avoided. Repetition of the same problem is avoided. In the end, you may SAVE time and money.


You don't pay MPA to fix things. You pay MPA to keep things from breaking. We are experts at implementing industry best practices for downtime-preventative network service. What does downtime cost your organization?

High Benefit and Cost Control

MPA's managed service offerings focus on maximizing your long-term computer benefits and minimizing your cost. This radical approach keeps our client's Return on Investment (ROI) considerably above average. Why is this approach so radical? The reason is because almost all computer technicians in the world focus on technology, not on ROI. Most computer experts got into the profession because they enjoy working with computer hardware and software, not because they want to focus on what's best for your ROI. Does your current technology advisor provide tech-focused technology advice or ROI focused technology advice?