Le Boulanger

The Bay Area’s Best Sourdough Bread Needs the Best-Leavened IT Computer Support


Most people probably wouldn’t guess it, but LeBoulanger, the Bay Area’s premier bakery serving what many claim to be San Francisco’s best sourdough bread, relies heavily upon its IT systems to keep the business running smoothly every day. LeBoulanger has an extremely high cost of network downtime. In fact, one IT glitch can spell disaster for the entire company.


From its single baking location on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula, LeBoulanger supplies freshly baked bread to numerous eponymous cafes throughout the Bay Area, as well as to 500 primarily white tablecloth restaurants. The bread-making journey from oven to table is complex and dependent on its computer network.

One of LeBoulanger’s critical challenges is the majority of orders are not standing and may change daily depending on a chef’s particular demands of the day. This order structure makes planning ahead extremely difficult and requires an extremely reliable computer network for collecting and fulfilling daily orders.

The company’s daily bread deliveries also present a serious challenge. Its fleet of delivery trucks must be organized and packed in a specific way in order to make on-time deliveries for over 500 customers. There is not a minute to spare for a delivery person to spend time rifling through the back of the truck for the proper order!

There is no time for computer downtime. If the IT network fails the Le Boulanger team does not know how much to bake or how to pack the delivery trucks, and the bottom line will suffer. One computer glitch and Le Boulanger might lose clients.

The Solution

In 1992, MPA Networks was brought in to address Le Boulanger’s growing concerns:

  • LeBoulanger had grown very fast.
  • The IT environment had been pieced together quickly and wasn’t unified.
  • Glitches and downtime events were frequent.
  • The cost of maintenance was high.

MPA Networks worked with LeBoulanger to create an appropriate IT budget for its particular needs. MPA unified the bakery’s IT environment, making it consistent and reliable, resulting in fewer problems and an increase in overall reliability.

MPA increased the speed and performance of the network, so employees could get their work accomplished faster, and configured virtual servers to minimize hardware expenses.

MPA understood LeBoulanger’s high cost of downtime and built in redundancy and a rapid- implementing disaster recovery program. Now glitches are dealt with immediately and effectively, without threatening the everyday business routine.

For additional security, MPA implemented around the clock, 7 day a week monitoring of critical computer equipment and services. This is accomplished via a combination of electronic robots and actual people, with the intended goal of proactively solving problems before they come to fruition.  Similarly, MPA initiated proactive, frequent updating of security, anti-virus and critical file systems, with updates as often as multiple times per day.

LeBoulanger attributes its continued success to effectively controlling its many costs, and a reliable IT computer network is a key factor in this equation.

“During the past two decades, MPA has helped keep LeBoulanger’s sizable bakery, store chain, and restaurant delivery operations running smoothly,” says Michael Price, CEO of MPA Networks. “Let’s keep this going for another 20 years!”

From our clients ...

"The installation of our network was the smoothest thing I've ever seen...Any problems which arose were responded to literally within minutes and to my amazement most problems were resolved within minutes after contact. MPA really does take responsibility for everything and they are more than capable to do so."

Scott Brunello, Controller